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My husband and I dove into buying a home with absolutely no knowledge of the process.

A friend referred Fran and we decided to call her up because she was local. Fran was very informative and patient with us throughout the entire process. She was completely understanding of our anxieties, questions, and helped us find listings that were within our budget. What also helped, was that she was honest from the beginning about her personal recommendations on what we should spend based on what we were looking for in a home. We had an idea of what we wanted, but since we were brand new to the process, she provided her expertise and guidance, which helped us figure out what would be the best home for our growing family. We started looking for places in August 2013 right after my husband and I found out we would be having a second child. Since we were looking to buy a home ASAP to make sure we'd be able to move in before I got too far into the pregnancy, Fran understood our urgency and worked with us accordingly to look at places. Within a month, she helped us find the perfect place and also took care of any issues that came up by working directly with the seller/selling agent. When we got surprised by a termite issue that needed to be treated prior to move-in, Fran coordinated all the inspections and treatments with the termite company. With Fran's guidance, my husband and I became first-time home buyers within a few months of first starting to look at homes; we got our keys to our place in early October 2013. I am so glad we chose Fran as our Realtor, because as stressful as the home-buying process can be, Fran was there to help us through and make it as pain free as possible. I would highly recommend Fran. She is professional, knowledgeable of the area, and also honest. As an example, there was a place that we loved but the asking price was higher than what we wanted to pay. We asked Fran for her opinion on whether she believed the house was worth the asking price (she told us she didn't believe it was worth it, so we didn't accept the counter offer). In the end, my husband and I are so glad we decided not to accept the counter-offer (we would have been overstretching our budget), and we are completely happy with the house we ended up buying!

Jessica T.

I received a referral that directed me to Fran.

I worked with Fran for a year looking for the perfect house. She was relentless and eventually we found the perfect house. I've been living there for the last 9 months and love it. Anytime I emailed to see a place she was as quick as it gets to show me the place. I feel like we saw hundreds of places (maybe not that many but sure feels like it) and she never stopped or got frustrated from making trips out to show places. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a place. This was my first home purchase and with any luck, not my last and I'll definitely look to her again if I'm in the market to buy/sell.

Kelly K.

I own several single family homes and have dealt with a variety of people in the real estate industry.

Generally, due to the low barriers of entry, realtors are not true professionals who put their client's interests above their own. Moving to the Bay Area and starting on my latest home search, I was absolutely aghast at the quality of the realtors I was coming into contact with. I encountered ignorance, apathy, laziness and at one point- lies. Simple tasks like a request to only see homes greater than 1500 sqft, would get dozens of 1200 sqft homes forwarded on to me. It was almost funny how bad these people were. We stumbled upon Fran at her office while chasing down a listing realtor in order to make an offer on a home we wanted. He practically refused to offer us the time of day, but Fran was instantly receptive to helping us. Fran is one of very few individuals I've worked with who is truly knowledgeable about the market and constantly seeks professional improvement. She was interested in our needs and wants and offered advice regarding the areas that we looked. She understands that happy clients result in better/increased business. My wife located the home we ended up buying, but negotiations to purchase were more complex than usual. Fran got the concessions from the seller that we required and we are ecstatic over our new property. I have already recommended her to friends and encourage you to consult her as well.

Brent M.

We've had Fran purchase 2 homes and sell 1 for us.

You should trust that Fran is the most responsive person - ever. And trust us that when purchasing a home in a hot market, timing is everything. She is along each step of our journey and has easily became a family friend. Her honesty keeps us straight and in times of desperation, she ensures we realize our initial priorities. She isn't in it to make a quick buck and wants us to be happy in the long run. Her professionalism and her reputation in the real estate network helped secure us our recent dream home. Thanks Fran - hoping you'll have time to serve the long queue that awaits you!

Lily T.

Just bought a house in Fremont with Fran's help.

Went through 3 agents before we found Fran - she is awesome. We have bought other houses in the past, and Fran is as good as it gets - intelligent, knowledgeable, and tells you her opinion - if you ask.

Paul L.

We engaged Fran Hoang to sell our property and she sold it in less than 2 weeks.

Being out of the state ourselves, we relied on Fran to oversee the sale process. Fran was consistently prompt, responsive, competent, and patient. With Fran's help, we had a smooth and painless transaction.

Ethan P.

Fran Hoang was my RE agent for both the sale and purchase of my new home.

These are the reason for which I would highly recommend her. 1) Expertise - Fran was extremely professional and has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to current RE laws and city ordinances. It's no wonder she was awarded the "Five Star Real Estate Agent" in the Diablo Magazine, October, 2012. 2) Responsiveness - Fran was reliable and responded quickly either via text, email, or phone calls to provide me with essential information that made my home sale and purchase move quickly and smoothly. 3) Candidness - While maintaining a level of professionalism, Fran was candid with her opinions when she felt it would benefit me, and I truly appreciated this level of honesty! 4) Sincerity - Fran was sincere in her commitment towards finding not just any house, but the perfect home for me and my family! Despite having a healthy list of clients, she made us feel as though we were her only priority. 5) Success - Fran successfully sold our home in August 2012. She then arranged for us to "rent-back" from the new owner while searching for our next home. She finally completed the transactions for close of escrow on the purchase of our new home by Sep. 2012. Quick turn-around and smooth transition from one home to the next. That's AMAZING success! I could write more but know that most of us have busy lives and no desire to read long-winded testimonials. If you recognize that selling and buying a house can be a very emotional experience, let me reassure you that Fran can minimize the stress for you. We can't thank her enough for the relatively smooth transactions and the purchase of our dream home!

Ann D.

Fran recently helped our ohana achieve our dream of owning a home that let our keiki have their own rooms and a backyard to play in.

Hunting for a home is an emotional process and like a job. Fran was patient and accommodating. She gave us professional advice on home value besides telling us insider information on neighborhoods and schools. Whenever we put in a bid, Fran was always on top of the latest of what was going on in the process. This agent cared about our needs and wants in a future home. She wanted us to be happy. And now, because of her, we are first time home owners!

Stefanie N.

Too bad yelp only allows 5 stars, because Fran Hoang deserves 10+ stars!

!!! After one long year of looking for our first home, we finally found "THE-ONE" thanks to Fran. Bear with me since I have A LOT to say about her and the service she provided my wife and I. I've known Fran and the team that she has worked with for over 5 years, and when it came time for my wife and I to look for our first home, it was a no brainer but to contact the Enko Team. Fran was going to take the reigns and guide us into a journey that we couldn't have imagined was going to play out the way it did. She first took time to understand what type of people we were, our needs, wants, expectations, etc. and then we figured out how often we wanted to hear from her with new listings and her other findings. From the list of listings she would send us, we selected a couple that we wanted to see and scheduled a time to view these properties. We met at the KW office and away we went getting chauffeured around Fremont, Newark, and Union City. After that appointment/showing, Fran basically had a better idea of what we were really looking for. She recommended websites that I could view that listed new listings if I got bored at work. We found out this worked out the best for us. We were able to view listings online, and if anything caught our attention, we'd contact her and she would show it to us. Pretty convenient since I'm on the computer all day for work. She went even as far as picking up my wife at home and driving her to me at different properties on my way home from work! Through the entire year, we found what we "thought" would be homes to make offers on, but Fran knew exactly what we wanted and recommended other wise. It was totally our decision, but she was good at bringing up some very valid points, and we valued her honesty. We built a trust and a relationship with her and we always asked for her honest opinion. Her main thing was that she didn't want us buying a house that we weren't 100% happy with. Fast forward to the house we just moved in to... We went into contract on a short sale property in February, and now its the end of May. They should really call short sales a long sale! JEEZ! Anyways, Fran gave us weekly updates letting us know details about the banks and what the listing agents were doing to get the process to move forward. In the end, the bank wanted more money from the seller which wasn't going to happen at that point. Fran decided to give up a percentage of her commission just to get the ball rolling!!!! Once we got the bank's approval, we ordered inspections, signed more docs, and before we knew it, we had the opportunity to close before our expected date! The day we received the keys was like a celebration for all of us. She's been EXTREMELY patient with us, and we can't thank her enough! One thing we thought that was very convenient through this entire process was Fran's accessibility. She was available via phone, text, email, and g-chat... a constant open line of communication = WINNING! Not only do we have a realtor for life, we've gained an awesome friend in the process! Thank you SOOOO much for being a part of our lives and getting us into our first home to begin this new chapter of life! Looking to buy or sell a home? DEFINITELY contact Fran Hoang for all of your real estate needs! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Jason L.

With Fran's professional service I bought my first house in three months!

I feel lucky that I had Fran as my realtor, and I can't wait to share my experience so that more yelpers could benefit from her excellent service. As a first-time buyer I was not familiar with the process of purchasing a house. During the first meeting with Fran she asked me many questions to make sure she knew what I was looking for as well as answering all the questions I had. She's very knowledgable and patient. I left her office with a lot of information learned on the escrow process and the time frame. Knowing what to expect made me much more confident. Fran made communication very easy. I was able to reach her via phone calls, emails, and texts! It's impressive how responsive she was. Even when she's on vacation she made sure everything was taken care of! I also appreciate her flexibility. She's always willing to work with my schedule on appointments regardless whether it's late night or weekends. I heard rumors that some realtors rush their clients into a decision, but with Fran it was never the case. She gave honest opinions yet never push or rush me on making offers. Once we entered the escrow process Fran took great care of each step and everything went smooth. She constantly updated me on the status and prepared me for things came up next. Now my escrow has closed and she's still helping me with any remaining stuff! I highly recommend Fran to anyone who's looking forward to buying/selling their houses! If you need the service why not get the best?

Dan L.

This review is *crazy* overdue.

Fran helped my husband and I find our first home about 2 years ago. We were young and didn't have a great budget, but she really listened to our needs and gave us honest feedback about the neighborhoods we were considering within our budget. Communication with Fran was always prompt and she always made time for us even though she was extremely busy. What sets Fran apart from other realtors is that she goes above and beyond to help with anything. I was involved in a case of mistaken/stolen identity last year with the IRS regarding a property. I was at my wits end and had no idea where to even begin to prove that I didn't do anything wrong. I emailed Fran and she gave me some excellent advice and material that is helping me resolve this issue right now. I don't know what I would have done without her. Anyway, can't thank her enough, can't recommend her enough, and can't say enough good things about her. Fran's the best!

Jessica T.

This is my first Yelp review, and I couldn't be happier to write it for Fran.

Fran helped my wife and I buy our first home last month. When we first met with her we scheduled a meeting at Starbucks and she talked us through the entire process - from getting our finances in order, to house hunting, to putting down an offer, contingencies, and closing. Immediately I felt that this person understands what she's doing. She knows the good and bad neighborhoods in every city that we considered, and was always straightforward in telling us if a home was probably not right for us, or if a price was unreasonable. When we finally got an offer accepted, Fran worked behind the scenes talking to our mortgage lender and the seller's agent to get things moving and get us to closing. She fought for us when the appraisal came in lower than we expected, bringing up several comps that the appraiser did not consider, and succeeded in getting the appraisal up. Without her in our corner we would have had to come up with the extra money in cash, which would have really strained our emergency savings. Most importantly, we felt comfortable with Fran. She is extraordinarily responsive and always makes herself available for questions. I believe my wife told me that in the weeks and months we were house hunting, she was texting with Fran everyday. Fran made us feel like we were the most important clients she had. Considering that this is the biggest purchase in our lives, that is reassuring. Fran definitely goes above and beyond her duty as an agent. To this day we still ask her questions about our house. And to this day she still responds without missing a beat.

Alex T.

Fran is an amazing realtor!

I found her through yelp so it's only right I share my experience. My boyfriend and I were looking for our first home in the Bay Area. She's very knowledgeable of the market and the area. She understood that a safe neighborhood was number one on our list. It took us about three months to find our perfect 1st home. Throughout that time she was patient with us and never pushed us to make an offer. She's so sweet and made the experience enjoyable. She was also super responsive via email even when I would email her at midnight. If she's awake, she'll email back. Submitting offers and going through all the paperwork was overwhelming at first but she really did calm our nerves. She explained things to us in a way we could understand. We never felt like we didn't know what we were getting into. We would have never gotten the amazing deal on our home if it wasn't for her. In the end, she really did find everything we wanted! She's been in the business for a while and knows what she's doing! I highly recommend her! Thanks for Fran for everything!

Venice G.

I recently just closed a purchase transaction in partnership with Fran as her lender at Providential Mortgage.

I notice how she treated our mutual client and was very impress with her customer service. She was amazing and extremely responsive to us also. As a lender this is important to work together to close a transaction. I was extremely please with her professionalism. I would highly recommend Fran for her real estate services.

Tuan V.

In 2008 fran sold my husband and i our first house.

She went above and beyond. We told her our price range and she found it. Realators from other companys need to take note. Fran will help you no matter what and is always avaible. Customer Service is very important. fran will even let you know if shes on vacation. You dont get the kind of service from other realtors as you would get from fran. We will forsure be returning clients. Fran deserves realtor of the year!!!!!!!!!

Lisa & Wayne H.

Fran is a total rockstar!

She knows the ins and outs of real estate, and will absolutely blow you away with her professionalism and personalized attention. Our little family is so happy with our home! We are lucky to have nabbed our ideal home about a year and a half ago, in such a crazy market, and know it was Fran who made it all come together. If you are looking for someone to help you find the perfect home or to make sure your sale goes through without a hitch, pick Fran. You too will be amazed.

Kiscelle C.

My wife and I were looking to buy our first single-family house in the Fremont-Union City area and wanted someone who specialized in East Bay properties.

We got a referral to Fran from a realtor friend of ours and quickly setup an initial meeting. From the beginning, she was professional, attentive to our needs and very patient (especially considering we were first-time home buyers). She was very adapt at using technology to conduct everyday business, whether it be uploading/distributing documents from the cloud or showing home properties via youtube videos in case we were too busy to see it in person. Her responsiveness was excellent and she quickly responded to emails/texts/voice messages within the next hr or so. More importantly, she understood our personalities/backgrounds and how that related to the ideal features that we want in a house and surrounding neighborhood. We ended up buying a property at a decent price that fit all of our major requirements and located in a good neighborhood with a great school rating. We were very satisfied with Fran's work and highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.

King Y.

If Yelp allowed 25 stars, it still wouldn't do Fran justice!

She's is absolutely awesome. She goes waaaaay above and beyond what a realtor does!!! And being an overachiever that I am, I don't say that lightly about many people!!! I was a first time home buyer moving out on my own for the very first time so I was absolutely clueless about so many things. Fran was so patient and explained everything, and being as anal and skeptical about everything, THIS MEANS A LOT! I didn't even know what to do in terms of utilities and she even helped me through it! She gave very honest and open suggestions and opinions and I felt very safe to tell her my true thoughts. Being a Type A personality, I am a total control freak plus I always wanted everything yesterday. She's super responsive. I would send emails to Fran at midnight, expecting a response the next morning, but nope! She responds back within the hour (at 1 am in the morning!!!) Not once did I have to chase Fran on anything. In fact, there would be times I'd be typing an email or sending her a text message about something and before I could even hit the send button, I would get a new email or text from Fran answering the question I didn't even ask her yet!!! I seriously got goose bumps a few times!!! I have already recommended Fran to my co-workers and friends. I have friends who had horrendous home buying experiences. Not because they couldn't find the right house, but because it felt like they were buying the house on their own without any guidance or help from their realtor. I, on the other, could not have had a better experience. I started looking for a house the first week of March, and now, the first week of May, I am writing review in my new house! I cannot say enough good things about Fran. If you are looking for a realtor that is on your side and just THE BEST, Fran is the only person you need to talk to. She will take care of everything...and I mean EVERYTHING! Thank you Fran for being so awesome! I could not have done this without you...well I probably would have gone insane in the process! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Kelly M.

As a first time home buyer, there were many factors that were overwhelming and intimidating to me.

My realtor friend from Southern California was the one recommended her and I trusted my friend. I was very skeptical about realtors because I thought they were just greedy people. After meeting with Fran for the first time, I had a much-needed assurance that she would help me find the perfect home. I love that Fran is an excellent communicator (always responding within minutes), a hard worker (She worked hard to help me even while she was a few months pregnant), and very picky with homes always analyzing everything that pertains to the home. In my opinion, the best in the Bay.

Caleb P.

I can't even figure out where to start describing how wonderful Fran is and I'm sure I will think of at least another dozen things she did so well during this home buying process after posting this review.

As our agent she found us the perfect home after just a few months of trying. As first time home buyers she walked us through the process and explained everything to us so clearly. She was available to answer every single one of our questions day or night! She helped us to frame our expectations of the process from the beginning and really led us successfully through each step. We trust Fran and she delivered!! Our home is in the most perfect and convenient location for us considering our commutes and daycare location for our son and it's beautiful! I never would have thought we could have this as our first home. Everyone she recommended has provided wonderful service as well! She's got really great connections to specific personnel at our choice lender institution, the title company, and our home inspector was amazing too (great price for a custom home inspection; he kept our family in mind when explaining how everything works). She's offered us handyman contacts as well for future projects that are nice to haves in this move in ready beautiful home. When potential trouble came during the process, Fran handled it. We closed ON TIME and moved out of our apartment as scheduled. We trust Fran, she got to know us so well (and I'm admittedly not an easy person to get to know!) and really delivered such a quality home for our family very efficiently and professionally. I would highly recommend her as an agent to anyone who is considering buying a home. Thank you so much Fran and team!!!

Melissa S.

My wife and I had put a deposit down on a new construction home that would be ready in a few months.

And from that moment on, the clock was ticking for us to renovate our current town home at the time, put it on the market, and sell it. Fortunately we worked with Fran who helped us through the whole process to ensure we would meet that deadline and we could not be more happier with the results! After only one open house weekend and less than 10 days of being on the market, Fran got us into contract with a buyer and did a great job negotiating as we were able to sell it well above our asking price and get the 30 day rent-back we had requested. From preparing our home to be on the market, to the actual sale and the closing of the transaction, Fran was with us every step of the way and we couldn't have done it without her! We're Fran Fans for sure and would highly recommend her for your future real estate needs! THANK YOU, FRAN!

Patrick E.

Fran is a GEM!

I used yelp to find a realtor and she was the only one who was very responsive. I was in the middle of debating if the current market was the perfect time to buy a home. I met with Fran and was able to get helpful advice from her. Being a first time homebuyer, I was a bit nervous but Fran made it smooth for me and my fiance'. she worked well with our budget, even though it was a very tight one lol..she still worked with it. She drove us to the homes we wanted to see and was ALWAYS available to show it. She is highly professional and knows the market well. She is very competitive in this market. We placed an offer on one home was one of the top picks but didn't take BUT glad it didn't because our second home we placed an offer on was THE ONE and we were chosen. I've heard so many stories of people placing offers and never even come close to even getting it. Fran made the process of from putting an offer to closing VERY EASY. She handled EVERYTHING. Now here is what made Fran very unique. There was this one particular home in this street that we wanted; perfect layout...but the seller decided to not sell anymore. Fran knew how much we loved she did homework and contacted every person on the street with the same layout, asking if they would sell to us. WOW who does that??! Short story, we got the home we wanted on the block =) That is how much she cares of getting what you want, regardless how cheap or expensive. Money doesn't matter to her much, but what matters most to her is getting you a home and feeling like she changed someone's lives. She changed our lives and we continue to refer her to people because a lot of people are in our position as first time homebuyer. Even after, she continues to keep in touch and check up on us to remind us things related to the home such as taxes. She works with other locations other than the vicinity of Fremont. Which I feel is great because we didn't know what location we were going to buy a home at.

Sarah F.

Fran helped my family find our first home two months ago.

She has demonstrated professionalism and expertise at a level that far exceeds our expectations. Fran is patient, considerate, and honest. During our first meeting, we talked through all of our initial home-buying questions. We filtered through the homes we liked and didn't like, and she quickly developed an intuitive understanding of our preferences for the style, space, and location of the homes. To demonstrate things to watch out for especially for first time homebuyers, Fran kindly went on open house tours with us. When it came time for us to finalize our top choices, we really appreciated that she was forthcoming on issues with the houses, rather than pushing us to quickly make an offer. Buying a home is a long and emotional process, but Fran's calm and rational approach to dealing with problems led us to better decisions in the end. We have learned so much from her of the competitive and complex home-buying process. Fran is very meticulous and organized with her work. We must have exchanged hundreds of emails, but she has always been super-responsive to every email and followed up on every question, no matter how small. After our offer got accepted, she worked with all parties to ensure that they stuck to the schedule to close on time. She scheduled all of our inspections, kept us fully informed of every step we needed to take, and reminded us of key deadlines. With all of Fran's help, we were able to find and close on a great home - we couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

Shuo H.

Elisa and Fran did an amazing job selling my beloved SF luxury high rise condo.

Super knowledgeable and super friendly. I will definitely be turning to them for my next real estate venture!

Christina C.

Fran helped us sell our home in Fremont and really got us top dollar.

She coordinated all of the inspections and was very skilled at guiding us through the negotiations. As difficult as it might be to leave a home that you raised your family in, it was as smooth as possible with her coverage of all the details. She provided references for some last minute repairs that needed to happen and helped follow-up with all of the necessary contacts to make the sale happen in a very tight timeframe. She is just wonderful and we were so lucky that she was available for our sale.

Linda F.

Buying your first home can be daunting and a bit scary, but Fran helped us through the whole process, keeping us informed and prepared for every stage of the buying process.

I'd recommend her to any friend looking to buy in the area.

Steve A.

I have been reading Yelp reviews for years, but never posted a review.

Our experience was worth to sit down and write a well-deserved 5-star review. It was our first home - so I wanted it to go smoothly - as I did not know the process at all or where to begin. I did my Yelp research to find a realtor - there are many! Fran and I met - I was completely honest of my house needs/wants and where my knowledge was lacking and where we thought our budget was - I did have a pre-approval letter from a bank first before calling Fran. She was punctual, friendly, upbeat and professional... and extremely knowledgable about the industry and specific to the Bay Area. Fran responds extremely quickly via email/text - 98% of the time within minutes - 2% of the time less than 1 hour. Firstly - I would absolutely recommend Fran in a heartbeat. I think the best way to use Fran is to do your research first (Redfin and Zillow) and pick the houses you like and then let her make her suggestions / recommendations and her thoughts. We found this to be a really great solution for us. We would then schedule a time to visit the house(s) on open-house days or even during the week during lunchtime.. on the weekends or... She met me on several house visits ALL over the bay and she was always on time - (met me in South San Jose, Fremont, Hayward, etc...) and she really knew her way around a house and pointed out things I would never have picked up on - which is exactly what we needed. She even was early and already talking to the neighbors before I got there. Fast forward a bit... we picked a house online, she visited with us, she helped negotiate the price, AND - our offer was accepted - and yes - it was painless. Yes, she has a Finance team she recommends and works very closely with and she recommended (good for her, good for us) - we closed in ~20 days. We chose to work with her finance team and they were extremely responsive via email/text and very proactive in the process -... be prepared to show recent paychecks/ W-2s and taxes for the last couple years/ etc... Everything was done online - so easy - so fast - including signing the paperwork via "Docusign" - an electronic way to sign documents - for both the house documents and the loan itself. While you do have the option to choose other people - she really does have a knowledgeable team surrounding her - and it is to our benefit. She knows house inspectors for 10+ years, fumigation folks, etc...... We knew nobody - so she recommended various service providers and they were all professional and responsive. She has an awesome associate she works with - Her name is Elisa Chao - extremely friendly, proactive, also responds within minutes, not hours - she was great at getting inspections scheduled - some in record time. She was there when the inspectors showed up - she was on-time. She knows and can recommend interior/exterior design and how to setup various rooms for living. So happy we chose Fran and Elisa. Would highly recommend them both. We have recommended them already and continue to do so to our friends/colleagues. When we sell our house and buy another one - guess who we are calling?

Alan D.

My short sale experience testimonial, Where do I begin.

. through a series of very unfortunate events I was in dire need to short sell my house and I had no idea really where to begin. I kept hearing different stories from different people. All I knew was I had to get this done ASAP! Everyone's short sale experience is unique and I didn't want to risk a foreclosure. I needed to talk to a realtor. I originally walked over and asked the realtor who was selling a neighbors house on what I needed to do to get started. The response I received was very uninterested in sharing any substantial info to me or even really looked at me as a possible client, to be honest that realtor was condescending. What I basically got out of it was that it's going to be a hard thing to accomplish and I may not even have any luck and my house may and probably will foreclose. This coming from one of the leading "area specialist" realtors. I tried contacting another area specialist and he didn't really seem to care as well. It seemed to me a short sale gets lower priority compared to a regular buy/sell scenario. My stress went up exponentially. I knew after those brief moments I needed to find someone who I could count on to take care of my housing dilemma. Time was running out fast! A couple of my close friends had referred me to speak with Francoise (Fran) Hoang who is a realtor in Fremont, CA. At the time all of this was going on my house was in Santa Clara, CA about 20 minutes away. The distance worried me initially a lot to be honest. I was always told to speak with an area specialist, but clearly I needed to speak to someone who cares about their client's best interest. Fran and I made contact via email and setup an appointment. Upon our first meeting she put me at ease, answered all my questions and concerns. Fran was very warm, welcoming and concerned with doing what she could to help with my housing woes. Fran was detailed and thorough on exactly what I needed to do, what information to get to her and how to contact the banks. I got more out of that meeting than I did from others as well as looking up info myself. Remember everyone's situation is unique, and all banks take care of their loans differently. Soon enough my house was on the market. My situation I had to deal with two loans, I also had to have weekly status updates with the banks on my progress with the short sale. Every week or multiple times a week I would ask the bank if there was anything I needed to give them or any updates they required from me, and their response was always Fran took care of it. Not only was Fran on top of getting my house sold, she also took care of making sure my loans and other paperwork at the banks kept moving. Could you believe one of the bank processors went on vacation and left my paperwork idle? Fran kept it moving. Fran was also able to postpone the foreclosure of my house 3 times by keeping my paperwork moving and active. If my house would have foreclosed any of those times, it was because of lack of management on the banks side. Fran had everything under control, and kept me updated on status. Fran had a lot of work cut out for her negotiating between the buyer (or buyers) and two banks. One bank is difficult enough, and I had two. Fran always had everything under control. My house sold and I had to pay the banks NOTHING. I was so happy and relieved this burden had been released from my shoulders. I will conclude this about my experience with Fran. Fran is very warm, welcoming, detailed oriented, organized and is extremely pleasant to work from the start. As the short sale process moved forward I realized Fran is very sharp, dynamic and quickly adjusts as the process evolved or changed. Fran always had everything under control, and took care of it with a smile on her face. Anything dealing with housing has a lot of stress associated with it due to how large of an investment a house is, but I can say this that Fran took the stress out of it for me. Not only did Fran take care of my house and made me feel it was a priority to her unlike the other realtors I mentioned earlier, Fran also had other listings and clients in parallel who were also well taken care of. Fran is amazing. I can go on and on, but I urge you if you are looking for a realtor, please consider Fran. You will not be disappointed.

Ryan T.
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"I can't thank Fran enough for helping my family sell our home. The process of selling a home can be intimidating with all the paperwork, repairs, negotiations, showings etc. But Fran really put us at ... more "
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"I could not recommend Fran highly enough for your real estate needs. She worked with me selling my home (during Covid), from listing to sale. There were numerous obstacles to overcome. Covid restrictions ... more "
by garritychris
"Fran helped us purchase our first home! She guided us through the whole process and was very quick with communication. Even after receiving our keys, she is there to answer any questions we might have. ... more "
by canlasdominique

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